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A picture is worth 1,000 words! ...

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A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words
HDI’s HealthScapes™ showcase medical topics on professionally designed canvas artwork so that you can more effectively & efficiently discuss with your patients ...
A unique way to save time & money, while engaging & educating your patients.
Our classy & affordable 20" X 24" large format canvases help you achieve your patient-centric counseling goals and improve your patients' baseline knowledge while minimizing the need for you and your staff to "repeat the basics".
Is there a Diagnosis & Treatment topic you would like designed?
If you find that patients are asking you and your staff the "same questions" again and again, let that be your cue to collaborate with HDI to enhance your doctor/patient experience.
If the topic you're looking for is not currently in our collection, together we can develop an original HealthScapeTM to fulfill your needs.
Guided by feedback from caring professionals such as yourself, HDI has developed innovative Patient Take Home Replicas of each HealthScapeTM featuring innovative backs with:
  • Topic specific guidance for web based learning
  • A convenient appointment reminder
  • Space to document patient's questions
HDI is also excited to introduce our "Art of" series ... canvas designs which showcase beautiful diagnostic images that, combined with our Diagnosis & Treatment collection, truly improve patient understanding through visual stimulation.
Current collections include the Art of Hearing and Art of Ophthalmology, with other creations in progress.
HDI HealthScapesTM
The Information Patients Need, The Personal Touch They Deserve

For further information about HealthScapes™, please contact:
Bruce Essman, Chief Operating Officer
bruce@hdimpressions.com or 314-276-7392